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Request for Partner Engagement

Dear Community Partner:
Cradle to Career (C2C) is currently seeking organizations and service providers with the experience and expertise to connect Opportunity Youth (OY) (youth ages 16-24 years old not in school or working) to resources across Pima County. This work is being led by Youth on the Rise (YOTR), a community collaborative group that serves at the Re-Engagement of Opportunity Youth change network. For more information about these efforts, please visit

YOTR Invites you to participate in the mobile Re-Engagement (REC) app, a mobile-friendly hub with an up-to-date information resource guide to help Opportunity Youth navigate systems.


Frequently Asked Questions

What will the mobile REC app look like?

  • Resource directory organized by categories such as Health, Education, Financial Assistance, and Basic Needs
  • Each provider entry will have easy to find programming, service, and point of contact information
  • Map view available to help with transportation options and identify dense service areas

What are the perceived benefits?

  • New tool to promote awareness of your programming and services available for OY
  • Increased visibility and potential referrals especially during the pandemic
  • Become a part of a network to support OY

What are providers expected to do?

  • Provide accurate and current program information
  • Connect with Goodwill REC Youth Center to periodically update program information to ensure accuracy and promote trust
  • Work with YOTR facilitator and REC staff to share data around use of app by clients
  • Share with community providers and OY
  • Attend YOTR network meetings to track progress

To participate in this Mobile Re-Engagement App Opportunity as part of YOTR, we request that all potential members complete the Request for Engagement electronic form.

Once submitted, your information will be verified, and you’ll be contacted if there are any follow up questions or concerns. Only after this verification process, will the provider information will be added to the directory.